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LAHFCU Youth Checking Account

Guiding Teens Toward Financial Success

At LA Healthcare Federal Credit Union, we believe in nurturing financial responsibility from an early age. Our Youth Checking Account is designed to empower young individuals aged 13–17 on their journey to financial independence. With this account, teens can learn valuable money management skills without the worry of overspending.

No Monthly Fees or Minimum Balance

We understand that every dollar counts. That’s why our Youth Checking Account comes with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. It’s hassle-free and straightforward.

Digital Wallet-Compatible Free Visa® Debit Card

Teens can enjoy the convenience of a Visa® debit card that’s compatible with digital wallets. Whether they’re shopping online or making in-store purchases, our debit card provides a seamless experience.

Arrange for Payroll Deposit

Encourage responsible saving by setting up direct deposit for your teen’s allowance or part-time job earnings. It’s a practical way to teach them about regular income and financial planning.


  • Age Eligibility: To open a Youth Checking Account, your family member must be between the ages of 13 and 17.
  • Joint Owner Requirement: A joint owner (age 18 or older) is necessary for this account. If you’re an LAHFCU member, you can be the joint owner.
  • Kids Savings Account Prerequisite: Before opening a Youth Checking Account, ensure that your teen has an active Kids Savings Account with us.

Stay Informed with Digital Banking

Monitor your teen’s account activity anytime, anywhere through our secure Digital Banking platform. Rest assured, their financial progress is just a click away.

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